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    Our collection is vegan and cruelty free, ensuring ethical and animal-friendly practices.

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    We use the finest natural ingredients, guaranteeing a pure and wholesome product experience.

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    Our packaging is recyclable and eco conscious, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

"BYOND empowers holistic wellness, aligning body, soul, and spirit, to unleash your innate abilities for an abundant life."

Sandra, Founder

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Get ready to meet Sandra Turgott, the driving force behind BYOND. Through her passion for holistic growth and wellness, Sandra empowers individuals to reclaim their spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Discover how she unlocks their hidden potential and creates a lasting impact.

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Introducing Aaron George, a Certified Life Coach and Financial Adviser. Having experienced personal transformation through life coaching, Aaron is dedicated to helping clients understand the power of their minds in creating life experiences.

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    Transformative journey to healing and freedom. 22-week intensive coaching with weekly calls, worksheets, and email support.

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    Discover the ultimate self-journey. 12-week coaching with weekly calls, worksheets, and email support for self-recognition.

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    Restore emotional wellness with body, mind, and spirit clearing. 6-week coaching with weekly calls, worksheets, and email support.

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BYOND Group Coaching

BYOND's Group Coaching: a 6-week program for clarity and purpose. Our transformative system helps you move from 'ok' to living on purpose. Join our supportive community for self-discovery.

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  • "Sandra's coaching transformed my life. She is compassionate and empowers personal growth."

  • "Working with Sandra brought clarity and a renewed sense of purpose"

  • "Aaron's financial expertise enhanced my coaching experience, bridging wealth and personal goals."

  • "With Aaron's guidance, I achieved goals I had previously struggled to complete."

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