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Sandra Turgott

Sandra Turgott is recognized as the founder of BYOND. With an impressive track record of over 15 years, she has worked tirelessly with vulnerable adults, at-risk youth, and women. Her expertise shines through as a workshop facilitator and youth mentor. Embracing the role of a holistic growth coach and health advocate, she does so not out of a presumption of having all the answers, but from personal encounters demanding healing in different aspects of her life.

Through her unwavering dedication and allocation of resources, Sandra has collected potent and healthful tools that have facilitated her healing, growth, and the unlocking of her abundance. She appreciates the profound interconnectedness of mental health with spiritual well-being, and how physical health is influenced by mental wellness.

Recognizing the benefits of nourishing the mind, body, and soul, Sandra prayerfully set up BYOND Coaching, BYOND Naturals, and became the author of the inspirational book "For Her". Her mission is to empower her clients to take the reins of their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being by setting attainable goals that can seamlessly blend into their busy lives.

Together, Sandra believes, they can regain control, enabling her clients to not only feel but also look their absolute best.

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Aaron George

Let us take a moment to introduce you to Aaron George, a Certified Life Coach and Financial Adviser. Aaron's journey into life coaching began during a challenging time in his life—a divorce at a young age. Through the practical concepts he encountered, Aaron experienced transformative positive changes.

When you work with Aaron, you will develop an understanding of how your mind shapes your life experiences. Gain a heightened focus and establish a process to bring your goals to life. Discover clarity and uncover the reasons behind your unfinished endeavors. Experience a newfound sense of serenity and purpose across all areas of your life.

With Aaron as your experienced coach, you will embark on a path of self-discovery. Uncover the knowledge you need to bring about positive change in your life, as sometimes we are unaware of what we don't know.

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  • "Sandra's coaching transformed my life. She is compassionate and empowers personal growth."

  • "Working with Sandra brought clarity and a renewed sense of purpose"

  • "Aaron's financial expertise enhanced my coaching experience, bridging wealth and personal goals."

  • "With Aaron's guidance, I achieved goals I had previously struggled to complete."

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Know More About Your Coaches

What qualifications and experience does Sandra have as a holistic growth coach?

Sandra is a certified holistic growth coach with years of experience in guiding individuals towards personal transformation and well-being. Her expertise and knowledge make her a trusted coach in the field.

How can Aaron's background as a financial adviser benefit his coaching approach?

Aaron's experience as a financial adviser brings a unique perspective to his coaching. He helps clients develop a holistic understanding of how their financial well-being connects with their overall life goals and aspirations.

What can I expect during a coaching session with Sandra?

During a coaching session with Sandra, you can expect a supportive and empowering environment. She will help you gain clarity, set attainable goals, and provide tools to overcome obstacles, allowing you to achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

How does Aaron help clients bridge the gap between setting goals and achieving them?

Aaron specializes in helping clients understand why they struggle with starting and completing goals. With his guidance, clients gain focus, develop effective strategies, and find renewed motivation to overcome challenges and successfully reach their goals.