Help you dig deep into the inner parts of your soul for the clarity you seek.

Assist with forming healthy alliances and partnerships.

Encourage inner child back to wellness and peace.

Support your journey to abundant life.

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BYOND Coaching Program

Coaching Programs are perfect for anyone who has had enough of:

  • Feeling Drained
  • Tired And Confused
  • Being Overwhelmed
  • Struggling With Negative Thoughts And Feelings
  • Being In A Toxic Relationship
  • Seeking For Something, But Not Sure What It Is
  • Having A Cluster Life

By participating in our programs, you can overcome these challenges and find the support you need to improve your life.

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With our proven coaching and mentoring approach, we empower clients to explore and access previously inaccessible areas, unlocking untapped potential for personal growth and development.

Group Coaching

$225.00 CAD

Experience accelerated growth through group learning, insights, and diverse perspectives. Join our 6-week coaching/mentoring program featuring 45-minute weekly Zoom calls, supplementary worksheets, and 24/7 email support.

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  • Designed To:

    Elevate your self-awareness and facilitate inner healing, empowering you to access your inner resources. Harness your potential and direct your efforts towards purposeful progress in line with your goals and aspirations. Gain a fresh perspective on your own strength and capabilities, opening your eyes to a brighter, more empowered version of yourself.

  • You Will:

    Attain clarity, confidence, and focus to manifest the life you desire. Reconnect with your authentic self and address the issue of self-sabotage. Acquire knowledge on decluttering your body, soul, and spirit, while learning effective strategies to inspire, motivate, and sustain joy.


Who can benefit from your coaching programs?

Our coaching programs are designed to benefit anyone who feels drained, tired, confused, overwhelmed, struggles with negative thoughts and feelings, is in a toxic relationship, seeks clarity, or desires to improve their quality of life. Our programs provide the necessary support for personal growth and improvement.

What makes your coaching and mentoring approach unique?

Our coaching and mentoring approach is unique in that it empowers clients to dig deep into their souls, form healthy alliances and partnerships, nurture their inner child, and support their journey to an abundant life. We focus on facilitating inner healing, accessing inner resources, and providing guidance for purposeful progress towards goals and aspirations.

What results can I expect from participating in your programs?

By participating in our programs, you can expect to elevate your self-awareness, facilitate inner healing, access untapped potential, and gain a fresh perspective on your strength and capabilities. You will attain clarity, confidence, and focus to manifest the life you desire, address self-sabotage, learn strategies for decluttering your body, soul, and spirit, and discover ways to inspire, motivate, and maintain joy.

How are the coaching programs structured?

Our coaching programs are designed to be personalized and tailored to individual needs. Through a proven approach, we offer guidance through coaching and mentoring sessions, along with additional resources such as worksheets and 24/7 email support. The programs provide a supportive environment for growth and self-discovery, empowering you to make positive changes and achieve your desired outcomes.