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BYONDtalk is a social mentoring forum created to engage the community in stimulating, thought-provoking conversations about life's events, challenges, and breakthroughs. Participants share their experiences while gaining an understanding of common but challenging issues. BYONDtalk paves the way for people to reconnect their body, mind, and soul to overcome life's challenges.

Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats

These events are fully customized to suit individual needs. We aim to help you find clarity, balance, healing, and restoration. BYOND event speakers are dynamic and transformative. They share their lived experiences and understandings of the human journey, creating a safe space to encourage individuals to step into the radiance of their best selves.

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Why you should hire Sandra:

Sandra is hailed as a transformational speaker who challenges her audience to look internally for all they need to grow and succeed in today's society. Her audience experiences transformation, healing, and inspiration while gaining tools for everyday living.

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    Our society has taught us great lessons to live by while dividing us into pockets of individualism. The heart of mentoring sheds light on giving ourselves away by answering the call to service.


    You are all you seek. We often look outside ourselves for fulfillment, but nothing exists outside us. Sandra shares tools to use your innate resources to live in abundance.


    What happened to you is not who you are. Sandra's insightful story will inspire and motivate you to use your circumstances' pain to fuel your purpose.


    The journey backward is paramount. Addressing the past is crucial to moving forward. Sandra shares her story of healing, forgiveness, and regaining ultimate power by revisiting her pain.

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sandra turgott's

For Her

This not merely a compilation of poems; it is a tracing of heart and soul.

Sandra Turgott remembers and writes for every woman: young and old, all races, all creeds. From love to lust to pain and infidelity, this sultry, heart-wrenching yet heartwarming book will have you curled up in bed ready to realize who you are from your core, from your soul.

Through whimsical and visual writing, Turgott reminds every woman that she is more than the sum of her parts. Every woman is a REAL, FEELING being with a right to cry, laugh and express.



What is the purpose of BYONDtalk?

BYONDtalk is a social mentoring forum designed to facilitate thought-provoking conversations about life's events, challenges, and breakthroughs. It offers a platform for sharing experiences and gaining insights into common yet complex issues.

How can I participate in BYONDtalk?

To share your story at BYONDtalk, you can register through our website. Complete the Speakers application and join the engaging discussions. You can also watch past BYONDtalk sessions on our YouTube channel and stay connected through the BYOND Facebook page.

What can I expect from BYOND's Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats?

Our Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats are tailored to meet individual needs, focusing on clarity, balance, healing, and restoration. Led by dynamic and transformative speakers, these events create a safe space for personal growth and encourage participants to embrace their best selves.

Why should I consider hiring Sandra as a dynamic speaker?

Sandra, a transformational speaker, challenges her audience to look inward for growth and success. Her inspiring talks promote transformation, healing, and inspiration while equipping individuals with practical tools for everyday living. Hiring Sandra can bring a powerful and enlightening experience to your event or gathering.