Meet Aaron George, a Certified Life Coach and Financial Adviser. Aaron's journey into life coaching began during a challenging time in his life—a divorce at a young age. Through the practical concepts he encountered, Aaron experienced transformative positive changes. When you work with Aaron, you will develop an understanding of how your mind shapes your life experiences. Gain a heightened focus and establish a process to bring your goals to life.

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BYOND offers a variety of coaching programs designed to help individuals overcome challenges and improve their lives. These include:

  1. Group Coaching: A 6-week coaching/mentoring program featuring 45-minute weekly Zoom calls, supplementary worksheets, and 24/7 email support.
  2. Clearing the Path: A 6-week intensive coaching/mentoring program to restore emotional wellness and gain tools for body, mind, and spirit clearing.
  3. The Power of You: A 12-week intensive coaching/mentoring program for the ultimate self-discovery journey.
  4. Rebirth: A 22-week intensive coaching/mentoring program for a transformational journey to healing and freedom.

Why Hire Him?

Aaron's coaching approach helps clients develop an understanding of how their mind shapes their life experiences. He helps clients gain a heightened focus and establish a process to bring their goals to life. With Aaron, you can discover clarity, uncover the reasons behind your unfinished endeavors, and experience a newfound sense of serenity and purpose across all areas of your life.

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  • "Aaron's financial expertise enhanced my coaching experience, bridging wealth and personal goals."

  • "I’ve worked with Mr. George for several years now, and he has been an absolute saving grace to not only my mental health but also my business ventures."

  • "With Aaron's guidance, I achieved goals I had previously struggled to complete."