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Sunflower Immune Booster

Sunflower Immune Booster

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The miracle cures of the spicy ginger and Turmeric with a delightfully sweet and sour taste from pineapple! This Immune boost Juice is rich in vitamins, enzymes and it tastes amazing too. You'll enjoy this bright sunny tropical blend if you're looking for natural remedies to heal your body after surgery , physical injury  or skin irritation.

TURMERIC contains bromelain which helps reduce inflammation throughout your body AND GINGER provides anti aging properties as well preventing heart complications and diabetes. Pineapple ,turmeric  and ginger  are excellent for easing symptoms of  Alzheimer's, arthritis, and certain cancers and is perfect for boosting the immune system. It is also a spice that also adds flavor to any concoction. 

Ingredients: Ginger, TurmericKey Lime, Pineapple, Green Apple, Natural Honey.
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