The Two Truths To Healing

The Two Truths To Healing

Make no mistake, healing is an ongoing process; it’s a lifelong journey and should be every living, breathing human being’s priority.

Many of us are looking for a cure but healing is significantly different from curing.

Healing is understanding that life is continually shifting and because of this, one must continually work at oneself by finding balance on each new wave life permits.

We are not looking for a cure but rather we are all searching for peace and joy and our goal is to harness the tools to be able to live a life full of peace, joy and grace.

The big question is how we get to this amazing place of abundance and balance.

First, we must develop a habit of telling ourselves the truth. You may ask, “What is this truth that I need to tell myself?”

Your truth is facing yourself, flaws and all, being honest with yourself, moving away from denial into a place of clarity and transparency.

Here is a good place to start practicing

  • Own your flaws / demons and create a mental plan for change and growth
  • Accept the fact that you are not perfect; be coachable and teachable
  • Acknowledge your mistakes, make amends, seek forgiveness, and offer forgiveness to others
  • Accept the fact that others are not perfect

Secondly, tell others the truth. We do way more damage to ourselves when we suppress our true feelings and needs. We have a tendency to want to be “nice” just so the masses will like us but internally, we suffer in silence because we continue to show up as liars, doing and saying things we really don’t want to say or do. People pleasing is a disease and the only medicine is telling the truth.

Here is a great place to begin

  • Set clear boundaries and let the people around you know those boundaries
  • Say no when you cannot follow through with something or someone
  • Let others know when you need space and time to recharge
  • Say sorry when you are wrong
  • Let others know how they make you feel, be it good or bad

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