Valerian - “To Be Well"

Valerian - “To Be Well"

How stressed are you?

Managing life is no easy task but every single one of us is tasked with managing his/her life.

Valerian has been combating the stress that comes with juggling day to day activities since the first century.

This was before the popping of pills was a thing and doctors and pharmacists were at our beck and call.

Back then the open field and the backyard garden were heaven. A safe place for healing all things; mind, body and spirit.

Valerian is known to be safe and non-addictive, cultivated by mother earth for you.

Are you tired?

Valerian is a natural relaxant that reduces nervous tension and anxiety. It promotes sleep and restores the body as you rest, allowing for a more vibrant and productive day. Thus, a better and healthier management of life.

This super herb is a native of Europe and northern Asia.

Valerian grows wild in damp conditions and is unearthed in the autumn over a 2-year growth span.

This beauty has been credited with many virtues and, like most of the magical medicinal plants, it is useful in eradicating multiple ailments.

Valerian lowers blood pressure, aids with epilepsy, relaxes contracted muscles, aids in the relief of shoulders and neck tension.

Menstrual cramps be gone, Valerian is in the kitchen.

Are you ready to get healthy, one herb at a time?

Let’s rock to a healthy lifestyle.

Sandra Turgott

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